The Fairway Jersey Personal Pension Scheme

Allocation rate Term to define the proportion of a pension plan cash spent on purchasing investment assets. As an example, 99% allocation means 99 in 100 is used to purchase the investment assets.
Approved scheme Only schemes (or plans) approved by the Comptroller of Income Tax allow the plan holder to benefit from income tax allowances on contributions to the scheme. These must be declared on the personal tax return.
Drawdown The third stage of a pension plan’s life, in which the plan holder is able to withdraw funds (their income), whilst the remaining assets continue to offer capital growth. Further contributions can still be made. The plan holder may still be employed at this time, but in all cases will be aged 50 or over.
Establishment The early part of a pension plan’s life, where it is being set up and any transfers in are being made.
Financial adviser The person who makes recommendations to the client or applicant.
Fund A word with several meanings. A Collective Investment Fund (CIF) is a type of investment asset, an alternative to individual equities and bonds. Funding a pension is taken to mean making contributions (cash) to the plan, which will be used to purchase investment assets such as funds, bonds and equities. Funds can mean cash or investment funds, so we have tried to avoid using funds to minimise confusion.
Investment The process by which the cash paid into the plan is used to purchase investment assets such as bonds, equities and funds, which offer capital growth and possibly dividends, by which the value of the plan increases. The process is driven by the investment advice, and is designed to align the investment performance with the plan holder’s cash flow needs, and the amount of investment risk they are willing to be exposed to.
Investment manager The person appointed to use the money in the pension plan to maximise returns through choosing and purchasing appropriate investment assets for the client.
Occupational scheme Another name for an employer’s pension. However, some pensions, including the Fairway Jersey Personal Pension Scheme allow an employer to make contributions to a personal scheme owned and controlled by the individual. In such cases, this can be additional to, or instead of, an occupational scheme.
Provisioning The middle part of a pension plan’s life, where the plan is growing in value as the investments generate returns, and the plan holder (and/or their employer) are making significant, and usually regular, contributions to the plan.
Scheme Another name for a pension, or pension plan. Often used for Occupational pensions provided by employers.


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Scheme Terms & Conditions
Key Features Document
Fee Schedule

The combination of features that make this pension unique:


Easy to set-up

Transfer in existing schemes

Local advisers

Complete transparency

Provisioning & Investment


Annual allowance


Investment choice

Options on Retirement

Tax-free lump sum

Retirement income

Traditional annuity

Continues benefit

Jersey Personal Pension Scheme is a registered business name of Fairway Pension Trustees Limited. Fairway Pension Trustees Limited is trustee of the Jersey Personal Pension Scheme. Fairway Pension Trustees Limited is regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission under the Financial Services (Jersey) Law 1998 for the conduct of Trust Company Business.

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